A message from the Swiss Alps...

I was recently reminded of this video I recorded in the Swiss Alps and posted on social media on August 5, 2019:


In the video you will hear how I couldn’t hike with my family because I was out of shape and had issues with my knees. After ascending the mountain together by train we started uphill and then I branched off on my own, on what was supposed to be an easier trail. Then I made a mistake that had pretty serious consequences.

I erroneously embarked on a very hard trail and by the time I realized it, I had to navigate very steep terrain no matter what so I decided to keep going up and over to another trail, and come back down to a different train station to ride the train back down to Zermatt.

The ‘goals’ theme of the video is true: I pushed myself way beyond my perceived limitations and I accomplished my goal of reaching the top, step by step. What I didn't share in that lighthearted video is the real peril I was in if I stepped badly and sprained my ankle, or slipped on loose gravel and tumbled down, alone with the mountain sheep.

After a delicious crepe for lunch with an incredible view of the Matterhorn, it was time to face 'what goes up must come down' and I began my descent. After a couple more wrong turns…  the sun sinking lower in the sky…  out of breath, my heart pounding, and my legs and ankles giving out…  the reality sank in that I was in serious danger of missing the last train down and being stuck on the mountain overnight. Hearing the mountain rescue helicopters buzzing around all day rescuing injured and lost hikers kept my real predicament front and center.

At the time I didn’t know the Positive Intelligence® terminology of being in the ‘Saboteur vs Sage’ parts of my brain, but I did know I had to control my fear and my negative thoughts and emotions or I may not make it off that mountain in very good shape. While I was taking my little baby steps one at a time down the trail, I was constantly shifting my mood from concern to optimism, and my thoughts from “I CAN'T do this!” to “You can do it. Just keep moving. Just keep moving.”

It was super-hard. I used to say I got through it because of sheer gut perseverance (my father often told me that I am stubborn) and the great fortune of linking up with a family from India who refused to leave me behind (Bless you!!). We all just barely made it onto the last train down the mountain.

Today I also realize that things could have ended a lot worse if I had succumbed to the negative ‘Saboteur’ thoughts that kept trying to run through my head.

This mountain experience is an extreme example, but guess what - much quieter and subtle Saboteur thoughts creep into my head all day long. They judge me, others, circumstances, and they tell me stories that evoke stress and negative emotions which affect my health, my performance, and my relationships.

The more mindful I am of what I am thinking and the more time I spend ‘living from Sage,’ the more ease and flow I have in all aspects of my life.



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