For Teams

Does your team have these challenges?

Some people are not taking initiative, to get things done or to implement change.

People complain a lot, instead of focusing on solutions.

It takes a long time to do things, with more effort than there needs to be.

People are feeling tired, discouraged and overwhelmed.



Where we focus attention affects our flow of energy and the flow of collaboration.
Often we don’t realize how we are unintentionally slowing down, or actually impeding the achievement of our goals.

I teach leaders and teams how to have conversations that dramatically speed up the change process, turn conflict into collaboration,
and create innovative breakthrough results that are sustainable.

You can learn how to create a Culture of Excellence where:

People 'take the lead' to get things done.

Things get done smoothly, with good use of time and effort.

There is collaboration, accountability, and mutual support.

The team creates innovative solutions to problems.

People feel valued and appreciated, and enjoy coming to work.



In an environment of high innovation, performance, accountability and morale
people are more resilient and more quickly adapt to change.

You will have increased impact, customer satisfaction
and retention of your best talent.


If you and your team want to feel inspired, empowered, and ready to take action

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I’d love to talk with you about how your team
can get the breakthrough results you have been longing for.

TEAMBUILDING begins with assessment of where your team is now, your strengths and desired outcomes. 

We will create a tailored approach that will have the greatest impact.
Various services are available: 

  • Interactive training programs such as
    • Effective Leadership in Challenging Times
    • Energy Flow Mental Fitness Program
    • The Magic of Conflict
    • Enhancing Work Relationships Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • Creating Breakthrough Results

  • Support for leadership transition as people move into new roles.

  • Team retreat/meeting design and facilitation.

  • Ongoing team coaching for maximum impact of implementation.


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